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Kiddie Lodge Community Service Boston Globe Exclusive

Dear Kiddie Lodge parents, staff and friends


Today's Boston Globe "Tuesday Stories" features the Wyman/Rossi/Potorski families and our "Unbroken Spirit" story of a condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta or Battle Bone disorder (OI). Please take a minute to read the article as The Kiddie Lodge begins our yealr campaign to support OI and prepare for our 11th Annual Walk and OI family fun day which will happen in the spring.

The article will help you understand OI, what it is and its impact on the Wyman/Rossi/Potorski families of whom all children Siena, Jack, Blake and Hugo attended the KIddie Lodge and two of the children Jack and Siena have OI.


If anyone is interested in joining the "Pass the Ball Challenge" or to learn more about OI, please visit the website at Awareness about this condition is our main priority as we strive to find a cure so that future generations of children will not have to worry a bout breaking a bone when changing a diaper, never riding a bicycle, or being in a cast during hot summer day... help us find a cure!  You will see the Kiddie Lodge Staff wearing their OI t-shirts one day a week from now until our family fun day in the springs as a sign of great support for this great cause.





Mary Ellen Wyman, Director of The Kiddie Lodge